Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Start

This is the first blog post to my site, and as such I will start by talking about why I wanted to create a blog in the first place.  So, I'll jump into the reason why...

I wanted to share my thoughts on life, child rearing, homeschooling and other stuff from a father/dad/husband's perspective.  Over the last few years my wife has been the one who will write down her thoughts on her blog and often those thoughts have benefited others.  I haven't done a lot of research on the web to know just how many blogs are out there similar to the one I'm creating/forming, but I figure another man's input on the above mentioned topics couldn't hurt.  I guess at the basic blogger's level one hopes their blog will help others in some way.  So, I'm giving it a try.  Before I write anything, I must include a disclaimer.

Here's the disclaimer: I do not claim to know it all, or have original thoughts.  I'm sure there have been men and woman before and after me who have and will say the same things I do, and perhaps in a more eloquent way or with more authority.  Please take what I have to say with a grain of salt.  I understand that not everyone will share my views, and I understand there are many differing situations and circumstances that won't apply to any advice I may include in future posts.  If my future posts offend the reader, know that I do not intentionally write to that end.  However, I'll write what I believe to be right, righteous, correct and of value, and if that offends the reader, there is not much to be said or done.

Again, I have no idea how future posts will evolve this blog.  My intent is to help and encourage others.  If I stray from that, then I guess that's the way my blog will go, and hopefully I won't stray too far off the path.  Well, enjoy the future posts.

P.S., feel free to asks questions.  Questions help spark discussions and thoughtfulness.  I can't guarantee I can answer them all, or that I'll answer them, but they definitely can't hurt.  If they do, I think I can just delete them. :-)

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