Sunday, August 28, 2011

Active Interaction Vice Passive Interaction

I thought of this concept today at church when we were discussing how to improve our time with our families.  I've noticed that when we interact with our families we are either passively interacting with them, or actively interacting with them.  To help illustrate what I mean think about times where you were watching a movie with your family.  All of you are in the same  room and watching the movie, but everyone is passively sharing the experience.  Now think about a time when you are discussing what vacation you'd like to take next with your family.  Everyone is participating and sharing thoughts and ideas about where you'd like to go and the things you want to do.

Although I am just as much at fault for passively interacting with my family as the next man, you create a better relationship with your family when you actively interact with each member.  Taking the time to talk to your kids and spouse helps you understand what is going on in their life.  It creates shared experiences you can use to help you through difficult times in life.  It can help bring you together as you become involved in what the other person is doing and not simply by being present in the same room, although being present is almost always better than not being present.

So, I write this blog to challenge myself and other dads out their to incorporate more active interaction into your relationships with your family and see what benefits it brings.

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